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Edwin Jagger - Säkerhetshyvel Gold

819 SEK

•Traditional Double Edge safety razor
•Precision DE head
•Perfect weight & balance
•Ideal for beginner DE shavers
•23 carat gold plated
•Razor weight 67 grams
•Complimentary 5 pack of Feather Hi-Stainless blades 

The DE8 collection razors all have similar dimensions but the vary by colour or handle material & patterning.
Warning: Do not over tighten the DE head. Cast metal is fragile if dropped.

Model DE89BA11Gbl

These fabulous, much talked about, DE razors are fitted with the latest Edwin Jagger DE blade head which has created great interest among experienced wet shavers. The closed comb head is expertly engineered and is finished with 23 carat gold plate. The lightweight brass handle is precision engraved with a Barley pattern finished in high quality chrome plate with the Edwin Jagger name imprinted around the collar. 

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